Loadouts and Spartan Points keep resetting!

I keep getting on my Spartan Hub and see ‘52 Spartan Points’. At first I freaked and was like ‘sweet! random Spartan Points from nowhere!’ But then I realized what had really happened: those 52 Spartan Points were how much it took to re-buy EVERY armor ability, Tactical package, Support upgrade and loadout weapon. I keep having to buy everything over again and set my loadouts up every time I get on! What is WRONG?! I CAN’T FIX IT! :frowning: Please help!

I have the same problem here. I go into infinity slayer thinking pro slayer was picked and me raging because people are cheating with armor abilities in pro slayer while I have to modify my load out classes in mid game .

That glitch was one of many introduced with the Champions DLC, and it occurs both when you unlock a new loadout slot a certain ranks, or if you play any Campaign; it happened to me several weeks back when I started a Campaign playthrough, I’m waiting for them to fix this before I try again…

They said a Title Update would be coming at some point in October that’ll fix this problem, among others.

this is the sole reason i can no longer be bothered to play campaign… which is sad, because campaign is probably the only thing i wholeheartedly like about halo 4, I’ve never been super keen on MP due to people on any game ever always having poor sportsmanship (team-killing, slaying in a KOTH match etc.) and SpOps got old quick…

I’m glad to hear it’s getting fixed. I’ve been saving co op campaign until recently, and now I can’t be found buying everything, and customizing my loadouts whenever I want to play mp.