Loadout question.

In offline custom games with my friends, we normally have fixed loadouts to keep people on a equal footing as far as weapons and equipment is concerned - with a big difference between the people who play the most and play the least, it works well for us.

The question is about the fact that apparently only 5 basic loadout slots that can be filled from the game options menu, yet there are 7 loadouts available to choose from during the game. Where are these two other loadout choices coming from and how can we get them changed?

In customs you can only have 5 preset options for people to choose from. Online you have 7 because you have 2 preset loadouts that everyone has, and a maximum of 5 personal loadouts (2+5).

You can only have 5 preset loadouts as far as I know. But if you allow people to use their own loadouts I believe you can have a maximum of 10 (5 preset, 5 personal).

Hope this helps.

Clearly I am missing something.

We are not playing online. We are using game loadouts, as preset and changed in the game options menu - not custom personal loadouts. As such, I do not understand how up to 10 loadouts can be in use ( and frankly we can not understand the useless weapon AA combinations that can not be changed by way of the game options menu ).

There is a customs setting for “Map Loadouts” that will let you turn off those last 2 loadout options.