Loadout idea

Ok, hear me out. This is exclusively for Warzone. I hate having to flip through every single loadout weapon I have. So my idea is to be able to set up say 5 loadout before joining a game. The difference is that you unlock these loadouts once you have a high enough req level for every piece of said loadout. You would still be able to change what you have on the fly still, this just makes it so you don’t have to scroll through every single BRB you have to get the one want.

I would prefer an automatic transition to preselected guns, but a load out system would be easier than the current system as well.

This is a great idea, it would be a nice addition to the January update.

I hate having to scroll through my dozen AR’s and Br’s just to find the one I want, there are way too many variants not to have an organization system.

Yes! Yes! Yes!!