Loading speed bug

Over the past few days I’ve been playing MCC constantly as in Australia we are currently undergoing another lockdown however this afternoon after coming back to my PC to play more I got into a match and was loading in when the loading bar was going incredibly slow and then suddenly I was booted back to the main menu. Upon trying to go into another match I was presented with a 5 minute ban which I waited out before trying to play again and experienced the same issue. After this I restarted MCC to see if it was just because I had it running for so long but I had the same issue again and was subsequently banned for the next 10 minutes.
I’m just really confused as to what may have caused this as I was loading in fine in prior games today, hope you can solve my problem! Thanks!

I think there’s something wrong with MCC tonight as this has been happening to my friend and I too. Weirdly enough, he received both bans (one for quitting probably because half the game was booted out for him) even though only I got booted out the first time. I think we’ll just have to wait it out unless there really is a fix for this