Loading Screen needs something new

Kind of fed up with the loading screen already, surely it can’t be difficult to have different loading screens,
For example in mp, a blueprint of the map that’s loading, or random screenshot from map that’s loading.

Or even in campaign, rather than be stuck with lone wolves loading screen, random campaign type loading screens or concept art.

Please 343 can you do something rather than just have 1 single loading screen for months on end


It is weird how HCE-4 had animated loading screens, but Infinite basically has jpgs.


I know they just changed it for Season 2 but I have to agree… Why only two images so far? Can’t we get like weapon/vehicle statistics, different landscapes(oh yeah, Zeta only has one type…) or concept art or SOMETHING? Jesus Christ… this company has no creativity or passion. They can’t even come up with loading screens??? Or are they going to blame the UI they designed again?


Mcc similarly has really dull loading screens unlike the old games. Though it at least has variety.

I really liked 3s simple yet beautiful ring forming animation.


No, impossible.

The UI limitations make it impossible to implement loading screens. They’ll fix that limitation in season 5 which starts 2025 after a season 4 delay.