Load outs

Has anyone heard if they will add a function for preset load outs or has that been thrown out the window because of warzone??

I actually wouldn’t have minded Loadouts for Warzone.

The problem with Loadouts for me is that it was pushed as the “main way to play”, and it removed so much depth from the core game. But Warzone is a separate portion of the game which is meant to cater more toward casuals. So I would’ve actually liked to have Loadouts there. I only hate these gameplay elements when to comes to the core gametypes, which the main matchmaking centers on, I always feel that core gametypes should have more depth, but you really don’t need as much depth in this type of mode, so it would play perfectly fine.

Actually, give players the loadouts, but have the REQ’s level up system. Loadout options only become available as you progress further in the match. So no one gets to start with shotguns.

Or hell, what if they had a REQ point system in-match? You can use it to buy power weapons individually to spawn with. That would be better than the current REQ system where your power weapon choices are based on luck of the draw, getting lucky on an RNG dice roll when purchasing a random gold pack. So you get to go into a menu where you buy power weapons one at a time, with different prices based on the weapon’s overall power.

You pretty much have loadouts in Warzone…