Load outs reseting

Is it normal or some known issue that loadouts reset and stance does as well?
sorry if this has been asked before.

Yea it happen to me a couple of times

It’s happened to me a few times as well. I wonder what causes it. Definitely has to be something server-side I imagine.

This is very common - probably happened to me personally 10+ times - very annoying, I must say - especially during a match

Well it sucks. But, I am glad to hear it isn’t just me. Thanks guys!

Happens to me everytime another player sings in with me on the same xbox

Plus also I’m sometimes unable to switch loadouts mid game, the Y button does do anything, I have to use the start menu to do so…
Very annoying…!

happens to me to. It’s so -Yoinking!- annoying.

Happens to me very frequently, I die, and suddenly I spawn with a loadout that I didn’t select. Or it goes black screen, and when the game restarts I have the wrong loadout. Annoying.

yeah this needs fixed. never happened to me until I got a 30mb update for halo 4. nobody else uses my xbox.

Took me ages to work out what worked best for me and I cant be bothered having to setup all the time.


Happened to me for the first time today after the update.

My campaign progress is gone as well!

it has happened to me 4 times BEFORE the title update i join a match and bam! no more BR now i got a crappy AR. and then i have to quit the game and i get messages saying crap about quitting to may matches. really?