Load-out Menu design

Load-out Menu Design

While many of you know by now there are load-outs in Halo specifically Reach. 343i wants to implement this into Halo 4, which I am strongly against, but I feel there will be no progress to my futile attempts until later games. On with the story…

In Halo Reach there are obviously several different armor abilities one can choose from depending on his/her gameplay style, the fact of the matter is when the player dies the load-out screen ALWAYS pops up and ALWAYS on the right hand side. On top of that the actual design of the squares look very cartoony and unfinished, the design should be very sharp and clean/Sci-Fi, professional looking.

When the load-outs show up they always show up, they are on the right hand side, I do have a suggestion to fix this, design the load-outs so that they may show in the CENTER of the screen so it feels symmetrical and balanced/complete. This is exactly what Microsoft did with the Xbox 360 dashboard hub when you press the Xbox button on the controller, the “blades” always showed up on only one side of the screen which would make it imbalanced, they changed it to show in the center instead with a cleaner look. Halo 4 may do the same.

If a player has an odd number of load-outs (if 343i lets players have the option of “hiding” the other ones), all the load-outs would be grayed out and the center one would suddenly pop up if you move the left joystick or D-pad in it’s place. let’s say a player has an even amount of load-outs all load-outs would be grayed and the break line between the load-outs would be prominent only until the player moves the joystick then it would move smoothly to which ever one he/she turned to, only until physical selection would the player get the load-out.