lloking for a clan to join in halo reach

im looking for a clan to join im a good player and i have a mic to contact me send me a freind request

Wrong forums dude, try the Recruiting forums.

Welcome to Waypoint btw!

Incorrect forum.
But send a friend request to hellshound 14, he has a clan in Halo:Reach.

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Visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information about Console ARMY. Very active clan, see the community for yourself.

Happy Hunting

Message me about joining Saber Command. We are an organized clan who play matchmaking and custom games virtually every day. Also http://sabercommand.weebly.com/ is our website. You have to be 13+.

Deadly Underground Gaming is a community created for players that enjoy a mature gaming experience, playing as a team, designing and implementing superior tactics, and seeking sponsorships to play in tournaments and improve the community. This being said, we are also here to have a fun and enjoyable time playing with like-minded players. Rules & Regulations, along with any other information you would like to know is on the website or can be asked in the forums or messaging me on XBL. I am currently building the division to be dedicated to play on the Halo Franchise. We will mainly be focusing on Halo 4, but will play Reach if there is enough interest to start. We are a http://www.centraloutpost.com approved gaming organization.

Website link: