LK-Logans Krew Open For Anyone!!

Hello There, Am J2H Apokie And Ex Member Of J2H. I Made My Own Clan Called LK Logans Krew It Just Came To My Mind So Yeah. Am Looking For Anyone That Can Be Good Or Like To Play With Others. This Clan Is Not Base On Skills Or The Best If You Are Good Well Thats Good We Will Need Beasts In Our Clan. Umm We Just Play And Have Fun Thats The Point Of This Clan. And Also Owning Clans And Other Players. We Play Anything But Most FFA And Team Mode. If You Like To Join LK Send Me A Message In Xbox Live. Also You Have To Change Your GT. For EX: LK Apokie III. Btw The Number 3 Put In Like This (III) Repents Our Clan. So Far There Are 3 Of Us And We Stand Strong. Like I Said If You Would Like To Join Hit Me Up. GT: J2H Apokie. Thanks Everyone For Taking Your Time Looking At Our Post :slight_smile: And Also There Is No Tryouts.

Am Looking For Ages 15 And Up If You Are 14 And Don’t Act Like A Kid Then You Are Welcome.