Living Dead permanent playlist

Tons of people still plays halo 3 and loves the living dead playlist, so i think 343i should put it as a permanent playlist.

People still playing H3 aren’t interested in zombies. Play Reach.

I play halo reach and halo 3, but i want it in halo 3 because i want to play in different maps.

Deff. not plus idk if they would have the right-o-way to. I’m not sure from what I’m saying but if anything 343 owns some rights to Reach but not halo 3… thats bungies baby and since they are done with halo… i can’t see it being added. Plus Zombie playlist destroy the core aspects to this game.

here’s why.

If there is a playlist for Zombies it promotes people who are new to the game that halo was meant to be for fun… but really it makes you a worst player when trying to search other playlist outside of Zombies.

I honestly HONESTLY think by Bungie adding Zombies and Grifball to the Reach playlist deff. destroyed the game at it’s core.