Living Dead Overhaul

Hello LD fans, I don’t think I need to introduce myself, I’ve been in LD threads a lot. As you now know, LD is pretty unbalanced against the Zombies and could use a few tweaks. So let’s get into the nitty gritty…


LD Playlist

This playlist in general should have the Max Local Players set at 2, not 4. This allows for some community forge maps to be included in our Zombie experience



I am proposing 2-3 gametypes in the playlist (That are played, not just 1), those are really all that are needed currently.

  1. Infection
  2. Alpha Zombies
  3. Safe Havens?



Most people don’t like it (Evade + Sword= Joke). It should be like this…

  1. Unlimited Sprint starts
  2. AR starts and 150% damage resist for Zombies
  3. Community maps designed for this
  4. Weapons, Grenades, even Turrets on the map that can be picked up
  5. No shields (which disables Sword Block)

This is a more traditional zombie survival gametype, rather than holing up in a corner with a Shotgun you get an AR and can run and gun. Also, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Pistols, even Snipers and Rockets will be on the map to make gameplay more interesting. On Youtube, there are videos featuring this type of style on The Halo Forge Epidemic’s Channel. The maps are called “The ZM Map Pack”. There are 7.


Alpha Zombies

We have issues involving Shotguns to the face, so it is clear we need a few changes…

  1. 3 Alpha Zombies with 110% damage resist
  2. All Zombies have Unlimited Sprint.
  3. Humans have no shields (no Sword Block)
  4. Maps designed for this.
  5. Shotgun/Pistol starts

This gametype would use maps that are designed for this, such as modified base maps as well as community maps on “Forge World” that are things like Haunted Houses etc. It allows for your Shotgun gameplay but uses maps designed for it as well as Alpha Zombies being tougher, adding a little Teamwork and skill.


Safe Havens

I remember that this was an old Infection game. It is a really good concept. I don’t have any ideas for maps though, hence the question mark, so I may even remove it.