LiveStream question.

Hi im trying to live-stream to twitch from xbox 360 live. and i cant seem to find how to actually set that up. May i please have some help or can I get a tutorial.

You will need a PC and a capture device (something like a Hauppauge HD PVR or Elgato Game Capture) And you will find tutorials on how to set everything up on Youtube. There are videos on there to set up all kinds of different streaming software.

For this sake I’ll post how I actually have mine set up:

  1. Video capture device (I have an HD PVR2)

  2. Recording software (I have Arcsoft Showbiz as it came with my PVR2)

  3. Screen Capture Software (I use Open Broadcaster as it’s the most stable for me)

Connect your 360 HDMI to your HD PVR2. Connect another HDMI to the PVR2 and run it to your TV/Monitor. Open up the Recording Software so your game is displayed in the software’s window on your pc. Use your Screen Capture software to record what’s in your Recording Software’s window.

That’s the gist of it, but both software that runs on your computer will need set up and optimized for your internet speed and for quality purposes.