Livestream Discussion Thread (4/27)

At the time of writing, the Season 2 Community Livestream has just come to a conclusion. There was a lot of dialogue on player feedback, they touched on their “drop pods” content delivery mechanism, and they gave us more news on Forge and the upcoming HCS tournament.

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To kick things off, I want to know what you all thought (or now think) about this stream.

I’ll start by saying that I was surprised to not hear anything about the Custom Games Browser, but was very pleasantly surprised to hear that the “Open Forge Beta” is going to be the entirety of forge and not a ‘stripped down’ version.


Liked a lot of it. “Drop pods” are a good idea, but with another six month season, they’re more of a necessity than anything at this point. I’m also pleased that the Forge “Beta” will be a full featured experience, although it’s another interesting example of 343i using the word “Beta” in a confusing way.

My predominant reaction at least at the moment is just a sense of ongoing tiredness at hearing the “we’re listening” platitudes repeated over and over again. Along the lines of meaningful, big changes to the things that are really hurting this game the most at the moment, it looks like the Season 2 kickoff won’t make much of a difference. Just a shot in the arm for more grindable content with another BP. A bit disappointing, IMO.

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I wasn’t really expecting much. As of now, it’s apparent that 343 is behind, heavily. I hope 343 understand that until the base multiplayer foundation of this game is fixed, the newer content won’t make much of a difference long term.

Of course this is just speculation. Maybe things will work out, but having a solid multiplayer foundation and building upon that is the key to making things work.

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They can say whatever they want to, but until I see it in the game actually functioning properly I’m not going to believe it. 343 lost credibility ages ago.

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