Live Service - LOL

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The reviews are interesting to read to say the least.

“The game is like rocket league 2, but without the cars” :smile:


Problem with that is rocket league is still played and talked about.

Hell i had a clan of people ready to play the crap outta halo 100 people all flipping in and out of eachothers games to the point we actually played against eachother a few times in ranked. That stopped about a month later when everyone realised that is was just some nostalgic fun that couldnt last under its current condition. Here we are almost a year later and the games pretty much the same as when we left it


Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve played on my own. Even longer since I’ve played with friends. My group of friends had about twelve of us who were looking to pick up Xbox Series One X’s and Halo Inifinite. The plan was to incorporate it into one of our friend’s bachelor party weekends, that was hosted at my cottage. You know, relive the amazing times we had LANing with 1, 2, and 3. We grew up together on Halo.

There are about five of us with PC’s who can run it, so we jumped in Day One while our potential xbox customer friends waited for us to give them the low-down. Needless to say, none of us own Xboxes today, and now have no plans to buy any. I am grateful everyday that I paid $1 to access the campaign through Gamepass, but I regret the $14 I spent on the battlepass. Still getting plenty of time in Elden Ring though, 90 hours in and I’m just arriving at the Consecrated Snowfields!

Lol beat that 100% like 5 months ago took about 150 hours to collect literally everything except enemy drops i havent done all of those as they werent needed pvp wasnt great for me so i didnt stick around just waiting for the dlc.
But as for halo i was bummed it was going to be the game that filled my time when friends werent around when it was the same thing over and over again i ended up making my way back to mcc and reliving the days that way especially with the custom games browser in full swing its killin it im just disappointed infinte turned out like 4 and 5 did a few weeks played then boom done i was even waiting for coop but even thats not enough to bring me back as my friends dont have the storage space for it

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