Live player logout bug and workaround

We found some definite problems with how Halo: MCC handles changes in player login, if the player is in a matchmaking lobby.

We’re seeing these in the situation of having multiple players swapping out on a single system.

  1. Changing profile in-game: (This part is vague because the main takeaway was just DONT change anything in-game). If you are on Player1’s controller and you go to their profile and go thru the roster to “change profile” and identify yourself as Player2 instead, you’ll probably not get what you’re expecting. Understandably it won’t let you change if Player1 is hosting, but otherwise, it does something weird… either you replace Player3 or Player4 (not sure the pattern here) or it logs you into xbox but doesn’t put you in the lobby.

  2. Our main takeaway was just “don’t mess with doing it in-game”, but instead to back out to Xbox & login from there. HOWEVER if you just back out (on Player1’s controller) and sign yourself in as Player2, again you will see weird things over on the Halo roster. Here it always seemed to replace a player, but again not the player you expected. So if you want to take Player1’s place you have to log them out first, then log yourself in, and then you will show up on the roster.

We rushed through this and saw honestly a flurry of weird results so we tried to just keep going until we found what works. This was just a PREP night so we dont have to deal with this stuff on game night - but if we get any clearer details after doing a full night (4 on 4 on two boxes) I’ll follow up.