Live Event: Plagued by progression, Lack of rewards

Once again I feel like I’m spitting the same thing I have every week since launch, but this games progression syatem (especially for this live event) and lack of rewards is unreal lol.

I only get 7 levels this week…4 of which are either challenge swaps or xp grants. Others you can buy in the store for a ridiculous amount if money lol.

343 had 6 years to refine this game and this is their idea of a successful live event? Let alone their idea of progressing through a battle pass?

Really dropping the ball in my opinion. Anyone agree or disagree?

Controlled limits on progression that are anti grind mechanics are always an L. If I want to spend two days to max out the fracture event so I don’t have to wait until January, then let me.

I don’t even want to play the event but live event challenges are taking up parts of my challenge board. I hate it.