Live E3 Question!

Hey guys, I have a very important question regarding the Microsoft press conference that will be showed on Xbox live. See, I’m gonna be in school when they start streaming it and I just wanted to know if I will have the option to replay the stream when I get back from school? I don’t want to watch it from gametrailers on a small laptop screen, I rather watch it on my big screen in the living room, so yeah: Will I be able to replay the conference on xbox live when I get back from school?

Thanks in advance for your answers guys!!

yes i think theres an app you can download now… you can also watch it on spike tv but thats in america which i assume your in but yeah i think theres an app on the dash board

Thanks dude, but on the app it says “watch it live” but when they stream, I’ll be in school getting my knowledge on!! Do you think that I can re-watch the live stream on the App, when I get back from school??

Machinima usually records all the press conferences so you can watch it from there if you missed anything.

Hey googlman!

So I know for sure you will be able to catch it online BUT since you want to see it on a nice big screen (who could blame you) I would assume that they will replay the conference on Spike Tv. I remember last year I saw the same thing a few times so don’t worry, when you come home, go to spike Tv, see what they are talking about and just watch and perhaps after they will replay the whole thing. Sorry I don’t have specific times, I’m not entirely sure just yet.

If you can’t find it on Tv, remember as a last resort you can always watch it on your computer despite the small screen.
Get yo knowledge on then come home to sum Halo!!!

You could use the xbox youtube app to watch it off youtube.

Some channels may upload them. I know I will upload to my channel: