Live-Action Halo 4 Webisodes Coming This Fall

Microsoft is producing a live-action web series called “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” that introduces a new character and ties into the plot of Halo 4.

The company doesn’t want the project to be viewed solely as a marketing stunt. “We wanted to do something unique from a narrative standpoint that’s big in scale,” 343 Industries director of franchise business management Frank McCloskey told Variety.

Over the course of five 15-minute episodes, “Forward Unto Dawn” tells the story of a young UNSC cadet who runs into Master Chief early on in the struggle between humanity and the Covenant and uses the legendary Spartan as an inspiration to rise through the ranks and serve as an officer aboard the UNSC Infinity.

“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” will air on and the official Halo Waypoint in the weeks before the game launches on November 6.

What do you guys think?

Cool, I’d rather this than a Halo movie which would most likely suck.

Lets hope we get a movie out of it this time round! :smiley:

I hope it has subtitles, i’m deaf so i’m going to need them.

I imagine itll be much like the ‘‘Deliver Hope’’ trailer for Reach

Apparently we’re both a little late.Someone posted a link early from Gamespot , but still can’t wait xD.

Yeah but i always find better info at gameinformer

ms always does halo justice with their terrific marketing and live-action shorts, so yay!

My body is ready.

It a total Of 90 Minutes Thats Almost movie

H3llYeah and well get to see 117 at work