Live Action Halo 4 trailer (Possible evidence)

Every single Halo game since Halo 3 (except Wars) has had at least one live action short.

Halo 3
Arms Race: July 10
Combat: August 28
Last One Standing: September 24

Halo 3: ODST
The Life: September 7

Halo Reach
Deliver Hope: August 26

All three of these games came out in September. Due to Black Ops 2 coming out this year, I’m sure that 343i is going to want to avoid competition and release it in September/October.

Anyway the time from of these live action shorts are mostly in August-September. It can be assumed that August-September this year we’ll see a live action Halo 4 short.

Deliver Hope is mainly CGI. A Spartan is Born and/or the other random ones would be more appropriate.

Sure, why not.

I hope so. I love live action shorts for video games.

The Halo live actions were always awesome and I always loved them. I hope they make at least one.