little things no one mentions

here is a brief list (that may or may not be expanded) of little things about halo 4 that no one seems to ask.

  1. warthogs: in previous Halos warthog sprees were the greatest thing ever, yet in reach they are pretty much gone. will i finally be able to drive people to perfections again only needing to fear the lazer… which brings me to number 2

  2. Lazer. will the lazer be the nerfed piece of poo it was in Reach or will it return to its glory days of Halo 3 where it could kill any thing and had five shots.

  3. the flagship valhalla/blood gulch style BTB map. every Halo has had a BTB map in the style of base blue fights base red in some kind of canyon, so how will it work for 4? will they go the 2 way with banshees or go three style with perfect balance between vehicles and walking people?

  4. tank: how will the tank play in 4

5… ok i could only think of 4 but i did say it was a small list

also if you have any minor concerns feel free to be concerned about them here

i wanna thank you sooooo damn much for mentioning the splaser because i agree 100% with u on that and the warthog thing and everything thing else you said but mostly the splaser part lol

I’d be fine with how Reach handled the Laser / Rockets honestly.

And as for the flagship BTB map, I bet Blood Gulch will get another remake.