Little idea regarding location

I’m sure you’ve all seen the legendary ending for Halo 3 by now and most of you would have seen Halo Legends. While watching Legends earlier I noticed something in Origins I.

This is the planet from the beginning of Origins I.

This is the planet at the end of Halo 3.

See the similarities? Here’s a comparison picture. There is a very strong chance it’s the same planet which means we’ll be heading to the Forrunner homeworld. Now I know in the trailer itself for Halo 4 they seemed to be heading inside the planet so my guess is that it also acts as a Shield World so they could survive the activation of the Halos.

So my theory is not only are Chief and Cortana heading to the Forunner homeworld, they’re going inside it much like the Spirit of Fire in Halo Wars

Those are just Forerunner symbols, they show up quite often throughout the series, I don’t think that the two are the same planet.

Er… they look nothing alike. There are no bodies of ocean in Halo 3’s Legendary Planet, it’s completely metallic. Plus the Glyph shown on the Origins planet is absent.

The Forerunner homeworld, Ghibalb, was heavily irradiated beyond possible habitation due to early attempts at stellar engineering by the Forerunners in their earlier days. It cannot be their homeworld.