Little Bits of Advice

Nothing game-breaking, of course. But, being a long-standing community member (likely moreso than the kids whining about Matchmaking in the MCC, but I digress), and I imagine 343 would welcome some community ideas that aren’t… hateful, to be nice about it. So here’s some little improvements that won’t affect the way the game plays at all.

Number one: a simple cosmetics issue. As we’ve seen in Halo 4, the undersuit of the GEN2 armor has an odd-looking mesh covering the torso that matches the armor’s primary color. STOP DOING THAT. It’s ugly, it’s unneccesary, and I’ve seen zero positive things said about it when it comes up in the two years since Halo 4’s release. So change the undersuit to black, like in GEN1. A small thing to change, of course, but it’d certainly help the new line of MJOLNIR armor look more next-gen and less limited Sony knockoff-y.

Number two: apparently, you’re starting up automatic gameplay dialogue. I don’t really mind that, but I see an opportunity to create a spiritual successor to Firefight voices from Reach. But instead of voices claimed my important NPCs, let me suggest: accents. Examples: Normal and Southern American, important/well-liked European (Irish, German, maybe Italian. No French), maybe Australian. I don’t know how it’d work for female-voiced lines, but I’m sure John DiMaggio would be delighted to do more than just Chieftains, for the right price. He’s pretty good with voices.

Number three: Elites. There is a thread with over 500 pages supporting the return of playable Elites. It doesn’t matter if you wanna hunch them over or scale the models down to Spartan-size, but based on the matches I’ve had in H2A, I think a lot of people would be happy to have them back. Again, seperate genders might be an issue, but here’s an idea: instead of Male/Female, just different skins, like the darker H2A Campaign models (Swords of Sangheilios lotalists, maybe?) and the new ethnicity that dominates Jul 'Mdama’s reformed Covenant. At least that way, you wouldn’t need two seperate voice actors for Elites like you do for humans.

And there you go. The ideas are there, and hopefully, a 343 dev will see them and make these would-be-much-welcomed changes.