literally can't aim

Ok I posted a a few days ago asking about aiming issue.

Now it’s been just about a week since the Xbox live servers went down for that day.
My problem is that since then I literally can’t aim anymore. I went from a kd of 4.6 down to 3.9.
Iv yet to go positive yet due to this. So I known wasn’t bad before but now I’m literally feeling the hate for the game and I’m not willing to buy a xbox elite controller.
So I tried many setting ect and I’m lost. Need help due to its getting to the point where I’ll just stop playing

I’m not sure how the servers going down is making your aim bad unless you’re always getting laggy servers now. Maybe try adjusting your controller settings with the aim acceleration and deadzones.

I think its all in your head.

better yet there is a thing called going on ‘tilt’ its actually a poker term but can be used in the same context (you’ll no of it if you’re familiar with league of legends) . Basically you start playing bad you dont know why, you get angry which makes you play worse.

Also, Kd isn’t everything in Halo…


So is there like… a question in there or something?

You ask for help at the end of that post but I’m not sure what you’re looking for. Your post doesn’t have many details for people to give advice based on & none of the XBL server stuff makes any sense… what exactly is the relevance?