Literally begging for a crossplay toggle

modes like tactical slayer are made insufferable because of PC players ability to instantly snap to people

also I do not care to argue about how “OP” aim assist is


Don’t forget they’re probably running at 180 fps and have cheats ready to go if they are losing.


Thought maybe it was me before I uninstalled but I’ve had a few games where I absolutely would out BR people for most of the match and then all of the sudden these kids go god mode and don’t miss a shot and we get smashed out 100-0 the next round of oddball.

Now normally I don’t yell cheater at the first sign of BS but I was semi pro with this game in H3 and I’ve never quite seen momentum swings like I have with ranked in this game and I’ve played with F’N Final Boss, Str8 Rippen and Pistola. I straight up call BS.


Tactical slayer also has alot of cheaters same as ranked.

People shouldn’t be prefiring and snapping instantly without any form of visual or audio feedback. No, you dont just randomly fire a round as I’m just about to walk round a corner iv spawn near and not been seen at.

Use to be my favourite mode, now my least and I avoid it like the plague. Always use my challenge swaps on it

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Crossplay toggle should have been a key feature from the start. Completely correct analysis that the implementation of tactical slayer made this feature even more necessary.

But 343furries is too busy to fill up the store with cat ears and other stupid trash than implementing useful features / fixes.


This will probably cause offense but it sounds like you are playing SWAT wrong.

I’m not talking about my playing, I’m talking about M&Ks ability to immediately snap to people

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Yeah but that’s not even an advantage, we can do the same on controller.

Swat is a game of positioning, snapping shouldn’t even be a requirement most the time.

but we cant do the same on a controller, that’s my point. our sensitivity is laughably slow compared to M&K

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Completely agree. Praying for an update that a crossplay toggle is coming. Meanwhile old halo friends of mine that returned to halo for the first time since halo 3/reach are slowly leaving again due to frustrations with getting merked by pc players and the monetization. The bulls&#t is really starting to ruin the halo experience for me and others as of late. The gameplay is absolutely solid though, at its core it’s the best Halo ever.

In the past I’ve tried reaching out to the 343 community manager John Junyszek and other 343 people but I think you need to be a really important halo influencer or youtuber or whatever the f&£k to get replies…like that ginge Irish atriox ubernick.

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Yeah we can, you aren’t supposed to be flicking the entirety of the screen, it’s usually a micro adjustment. Very easy on controller even with low sensitivity. Halo is not a game of jerk reactions which is why it’s harder to dominate on mnk like every other game.

I get 20 kills per game I play of SWAT on average on controller, 2 k/d.

whether you’re supposed to do it is irrelevant, people are doing it with M&K

All we need is input matchmaking.

It’s an ineffective strategy so it doesn’t matter if there is a supposed advantage to it. Especially when controller can also do it thanks to aim assist.

controllers cant do it at the speed M&K can. it’s that simple. that’s the advantage. whether you find it ineffective or not doesn’t change the fact it’s still an advantage

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Not to mention how fast they can step side to side, this is BS!!

Nah, controller can’t do it like MnK can, it should be pretty obvious. Same way MnK are advantaged with snipers in any game.

The BR aim assist is so high it’s actually far easier on controller than kbm for most players unless the kbm player lowers their sens and balances it.

No-one even knows what input the other person is using lmfao.

it’s pretty obvious to see which input they’re using by how fast they’re snapping to targets

also aim assist on a controller is nowhere near as strong as people on the forums like to say it is

I use both inputs but favour controller, I know exactly how strong it is.