Literally banned because of community grifball map

So because one of the community created grifball maps causes suicides I ended up being banned for a few minutes… Someone should really address this issue.

I joined a match that had already started and I noticed I spawned inside of a wall, I hold forward which is what I would normally do and somehow ended up falling off of the map behind my teams side. This happened about 3 times before a message popped up stating something about “Unnatural Selection” and I was booted from the match. I then receive the ban message…

Now for some reason the map name doesn’t appear in my theater or recent games list but to describe it, there’s a small bridge like structure between the 2 goals. Someone please acknowledge this or at the very least prevent bans from happening in community generated maps until they’ve been thoroughly tested by the community.

Also, this was my first time playing on this map so if there was any common knowledge about this map then it wasn’t previously mentioned anywhere for me to see.

Please FIX.

Let me also add that I wasn’t initially banned but after I queued up for another match and was finding players I received a “Couldn’t connect to lobby message” and then the ban. Soooooo… yea…

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