Literal teabag charm in the store, but we can’t even use that word on the forums

Having a little fun with this one, before anyone jumps on board and tries to make this a serious issue: it’s not.

So a charm dropped today, called “Team Earl Grey”, and I get that the official name is “Team Earl Grey”, but it’s a a representation of a bag of Earl Grey tea. And we can’t even generalize what it’s meant to symbolize or even literally be as such because of the auto flagging system in place on the forums.

Apparently it can be used in titles but not in the body of the post:

There’s a literal -Yoink!- charm in the Halo Infinite store today and I can’t use the word ‘-Yoink!-’ to describe it as what it is: a virtual representation of a ‘bag of tea’”

See? And just for reference and to cover my 6, I am not trying to circumvent the system by saying this, I’m merely pointing out the inconsistencies that allow/disallow players and forum goers to discuss in game details on the official public forum.

Getting a little meta here obviously, but are we even allowed to have a conversation about this? I’m honestly confused as to how to even approach this topic. I’m literally laughing to myself, it feels like I’m potentially navigating a minefield trying to bring this attention.


Finally, a store item I can get behind!

As far as the forums go, it definitely seems they are treating us like 12 year-olds. Funny thing is, most 12 year-olds curse a lot more than I do :sweat_smile:

P.S. I prefer the term “Lipton Dip” because I keep it classy!


Oooo that is classy. I’d totally buy a Lipton branded charm. It would match my color scheme.

The item is quite funny with the implication. But a 180 on using the word on the forums, why the censor when it’s in the game? Makes no sense. Now if there was a potato chip (crisp in UK/AUS/NZ), then “Dip, dip, potato chip!” away boys and girls!

Battlefield Friends is top quality.


Are you actually surprised by 343’s hypocrisy? I’m not.


I can only imagine it’s because the “act” is considered inappropriate, but the implication the item presents is that it’s encouraged.

And since “Earl Grey Tea” really has no reference within the Halo universe, it’s clear what the underlying implication is.

So it’s honestly a contradiction.

Me personally (and I’m certain most other players/forum goers would agree) it’s not as controversial as the censorship would have us believe.

Overwatch and Blizzard forums use the same format as Waypoint (now) and that particular word is allowed on there, so it’s not a default choice.

Hypocrisy? Eh that’s a stretch honestly.

Contradictory? Absolutely

Honest disconnect between the Dev team/forum moderation team? Most likely.

This is not meant to be a massive controversy post, more pointing out of a bizarre coincidence.


The most bizarre part of it is that it lets you put it in the title but not the body of the post :man_shrugging:

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Yeah not sure why that’s the case honestly lol.

I’m not willing to test other words to check though

earl greying enemies is fun


No diff from having the H4 Mantis be able to get a good teabaggin on a player in a trailer video.

343 loves to troll their fans but hates to admit that the entirety of Halo MP is based around “toxic” gameplay.

Edit: Toxic is in quotations for a reason.


I think this is the case for a lot of companies honestly.

Bungie was notorious for it too. Forum mods and Devs alike were infamous for delivering troll tier snarky responses to the playerbase.

In truth though, I think this is just a typical disconnect of communication between parties within 343 rather than some elaborate joke.

It is pretty funny regardless.


Well…I mean this game invented teabaggin. I still do it with love and affection.


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Hold up, I gotta try something



But not “-Yoink!-”?!

We can turn it into a verb but we can’t use the noun?!

That’s too much, what is this freaking logic!?

I can’t handle this :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My favorite is not being able to use the word “ball” in-game during oddball.

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But the real question is: can you use the word “ball” during CTF?

Honestly though, I think my buddy pointed that out in the first week, there are some hysterical small choices going on here that just make you sit back and go “huh…”

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I forget what I typed in but it was a basic game call out like “defend the guy with the ball instead of playing slayer” and it came out as “defend the ***** **** *** *** *** ** slayer.” I did the standard “huh” thing and put on my mic on to cuss out people.

I will get our top scientists to investigate this right away.


It should be a medal and have the announcer guy say it as you do it. I guess that would encourage it a lot more, no? :joy:


The implication


Wait in the first level of halo 3 didn’t a marine tell a brute to “kiss my -Yoink!-”? I miss the good old days :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Don’t post that here.