Listening to the I've played Halo in passing crowd on how to make your game will destroy it

I used to be a toxic feedback person but I’m going to try my best to be as informative and positive as I can be here.
I’ve been playing Halo as a diehard fan since beta testing XBOX LIVE at launch. Then playing competive Halo from CE all the way to currently.

I know all the arguments.

The facts of the matter are, Halo 4 despite infinite sprint and equipment that wasn’t popular had the best weapon feel and speed of gameplay.
Halo 5 pistol shot registration and armor boost and charge were dispised by all.
3 was slow and had a bad starting slayer weapons, the AR was much better than the pistol which was hated.
Reach was ruined by armor lock and too much bloom
Halo 2 anniversary and halo 4 on Master chief collection are the best playable competitive shooters for Halo to date.
Halo CE plays Nothing like it ever had on the original Xbox.
Never in the history of playing halo CE back in the day could I aim at someone’s crotch and get a three shot kill… hilarious lol.

Honestly I think 343 is trolling at this point because everyone that is a true and die hard Halo fan wants to see these guns work at a distance and Make accuracy the most important thing in a first person shooter. If you make it tolerable for everyone because you want everyone to play it your doing your game and long time Halo players a dis-service, and it will kill your game before it ever has a chance… Guys, I’m going to be straight up with you, honestly I’m pretty board and I’ve been playing Halo nonstop since CE. I’ve played them all for hundreds and hundreds of days and tens of thousands of games per halo.

This game will be ruined by the Spray and pray lobbies happening. Easy fix. Just do something about it because this is the least captivating game play to date compared to other halos, and the AR in my opinion, has alot to do with that.

Also something has got to be done about the sensitivity and aiming. Its not good at all.

If we can get these 2 main issues addressed the game will be good enough to KEEP players coming back at launch. If not this might be the first Halo Game ever made I don’t purchase.

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At this point I just want the ability to queue for a game of Slayer. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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Right now the issue with killing through walls is definitely not helping and I’m not sure how they didn’t put an end to that before it began.

I agree with your statements tho, except all the hate for H3. I just didn’t like leading my shots that much as the game made me. Felt like nerf bullets with lots of resistance. Lol. And Halo 4 had too good of cross map shooting, and this is coming from a guy who would play team snipers and walk in on top of leaderboards with no scopes for every single kill.

I haven’t been able to finish my kills in Arena lately so today I upped my sensitivity to 10’s and my look acceleration to 5. I’m on PC with controller and haven’t played on Xbox as mines outdated, so idk. I have only ever played Halo’s on 6-7 and now all the sudden I’m at 10 and getting my bearings back.