Listening to dubstep while playing halo

I am playing co op with a friend and I said Dubstep is the best music to play halo too to pump you up and increase focus. My friend says Im insane and that if Id said that on a halo forum I would get shot to -Yoink-. So am I right or wrong???

I guess it depends on who you are, I hate dubstep so no, but if it helps you then no-one can say you’re wrong, I personally listen to the Halo soundtracks while playing as it helps me concentrate

Many Halo fans would say that dubstep and electronica is great music to Halo because it is very futuristic and… “robotic”.

Many Halo fans would also say that dubstep and electronica is horrible music for Halo because the Campaigns and lore follow the themes of classical music.

My standing on this:
I only listen to dubstep and electronica while playing Halo multiplayer. I can’t stand it when I’m playing Campaign because the genres do not fit.

I don’t like listening to music period when I play because I miss things such as where the sound of gunfire is coming from or the charging of an around the corner boltshot, things such as this.

Daft Punk all day.

Sometimes, but mostly I’m listening to Metal, alt rock or something like this.

On dubstep I am quite picky. I personally feel that dubstep only fits a few different themes, like Cyber Punk sci-fi i.e. Syndicate or something. Though for dubstep remixes of hip hop or any other sort of purely party/dance mix I don’t like at all.

For example, the Syndicate soundtrack Skrillex did for the game. I thought that was amazing, it’s good, it fits that game.

Off-Topic: By the way if anyone knows of any dubstep that does that cyberpunk, dark sci-fi stuff, go ahead and forward me a link.

Personally I like to listen to Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and on the occasion, The Police. Can’t beat a bit of The Police. Nice to listen to some pretty chill music while playing casually. When playing competitively I just don’t listen to music.

I don’t really like dubstep or much electronic music for that matter. I quite like Daft Punk and Deadmau5 however.

I don’t hearing music while playing multiplayer because it muffles all my awareness.

I don’t like hearing music while playing the campaign because it is simply out of context, Halo’s soundtrack is one of the best aspects of this game. Although Halo 4 didn’t use much of the previous themes but it was still awesome.

I listen to country when I play the campaign an war games.
That’s some real halo music right there

I rather listen to nails on a chalkboard then Dubstep…

I can’t play with any sounds other than my teammates and the sound of the game. Music and other foreign audio messes up my callouts, positioning, and awareness in general.

Doesn’t mean that I hate dubstep, though.

My friends and I detected a notable increase in our skill when we listen to the soothing voice of Kelly Clarkson while going to town on enemies.