List your worst challenges

Comment on your worst / hard to complete challenges or ones you swapped because your were stuck with, so that we can have a list of challenges that need to be removed or can be tweaked and improved.

So far i have “save teammates from long diatance” both 0/1 and a 0/3 xD outside that everything hasnt seemd that bad other than just they didnt track properly at first.


One I had that I couldn’t complete was Detect 3 enemys with a treat sensor 0/3 and I had to swap it. Was lucky if I got 2 in one shot

flatcake. Kill an enemy with the repulsor by hitting them into a wall.

Also destroy an enemy scorpion. (wouldnt be so bad but scorpions are rare)

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Combo toss.

Its basically earning a nade shot. Problem is you have to completely strip a spartan with 100% shield with a single nade then headshot them. They basically have to sit on the nade without moving in order for this to work. You can’t damage them at all beforehand either. 100% shield strip using the nade only.

Edit: oh yeah, the grenade does a small amount of damage if you happen to hit them with it, and that will negate it too

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Geez never heard of that one yet. That’s definitely down to luck. Sure it would be easy to get if the player was AFK lol. Wow really that’s so specific. Did ya get it done or pass it

Its my last one for the week and I’m not completing it. I found an AFK player and still couldn’t do it because they weren’t close enough to a wall. Definitely skipping it if it comes up again.

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