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Also worth mentioning are,

  • Lack of color on mk VII core chest items. It makes the whole armour look out of sync imo.
  • No customisation for non unsc weapons, why??
  • Maybe some kinda customisation to the look of prosthetics?
  • Armour designs are amazing so far but would love to see some of the new armours added to MCC appear such as SPI.
  • ATM both weekly unlocks have been for the MK VII core when the MK V core could use more varied coatings added.
  • Lack of overall stats such as KD and medals is a small touch that is missed.
  • You should be able to check your challenges by the start menu mid game.
  • Also so far helmet attachments have only been one item unlike reach where there could be 2 or 3 at a time, this leaves the helmets looking a tad bare imo. Id like to see a second attachment slot for helmets added allowing players to mix and match attachments that would be suitable together such as the courier pearl and willow attachments that sit at opposite sides of the helmet.

Basic Idea-

  • Sceptius’ idea for Armor coatings.

  • 48 (give or take) store pages last a week and cycle (it takes a year (give or take) until the first page is available again).

  • Then reduce cost, $1/0.75pounds for just an Item, $5-$10/3.75-7.51pounds for a Kit (a large assortment of cosmetic options), and $10-15/7.51-11.26pounds for a Design (AKA The Covenant Design where a bunch of vehicles and weapons are in The Covenant’s style).

  • Then for a page there would be 2-4 $1/0.75pound items, 1-2 $5/3.75 Kits, 1 $10-15/7.51-11.26pound Designs.

Advanced Idea-

  • Basically there is a page where you can buy non cosmetic stuff, then there’s a cosmetic page (maybe multiple of these?) where all the cosmetics are available. Nothing leaves the store.

Multiple Page Idea-

  • One page per a certain amount of money. AKA a $10/7.51pound page, a $5/3.75pound page, and a $1/0.75pound page.

If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread that also has a voting system to show what people are looking at most. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all

I really don’t understand how they have to test them in events and work on them. these have all been modes that have been in prior halo games and should have 100% been in from the start. what is there to work out except for to just implement them into game they not reinventing the wheel and making something from the ground up. it’s just complete bs and really just shows that they honestly had no intention from the start to add new modes or If they did they were probably planning on making them paid. this whole game going f2p leading them to this crap progression system and cosmetic/shop just to milk players is exactly what I was worried about. the monetization is soo grimy… like somethings can only be bought with real money what happpened to saying it was going to be like reach customization. I should be able to purchase everything with in game currency and everything should be unlockable and these armor core bs is the dumbest thing ever. they shouldn’t be locked I should be able to put w.e equipment on that I want and mix and match and adjust the colors not just some crap pallete swap… the game is fun but I’m beyond disappointed with the customization and just the greetings of trying to get money from people and the lack of maps and playlists and legacy weapons. why remove the og shotty for this garbage bulldog… most of the new weapons are terrible the pulse carbine and disruptor and commando are all pretty much worthless… add more weapons in bring back more covenant and promethian weapons… I would have much rather have paid full price for the game and gotten the campaign and multiplayer and able to unlock all the cosmetics and have all the modes and weapons like h3 and reach without paying thousands of real money for a -Yoink!- armor piece or shader that can only work on one armor core that I don’t even use, who the hell thought that was a good idea? it’s just bs and I feel this is such a bait and switch. we shouldn’t support terrible business practices like this. it’s ruining the game and the industry. I hope they continue to listen to people to change all this crap that they originally planned to just milk people cause the game won’t last long If they don’t. I’m in my 30s and have been playing halo since day 1 with halo ce and I’m just beyond disappointed at how it’s turned out and it’s just a cash grab instead of living up to promises and making a good game. I seriously hope all this stuff gets listened too and gets fixed

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Lobby Options - Why just invite or friends? Can we make it open to anyone who wants to join from the list of games?

Random Weapons - Why have the MOST fun mode only during events?

Game Modes - Why not allow the gamer to pick the game with the mode they want? I don’t like CTF or Stronghold and usually will quit the moment I realize that this is the game mode chosen from quick play or even Big Team Battle.

Ranked Arena - Not even sure if this is worth it.