List of What we know for sure and rumors about Halo 4

I was thinking, why don’t we have a list of all the info we have on Halo 4 thus far? I mean, we have a facebook page, but what do we as community know of? A while back, for example, there was a “leaked” concept art of a possible non-human sniper.

So this is what I propose: a list of all the things(with links, preferably) that this community knows about Halo 4.

I’ll leave you to it.

I must have missed that ‘leaked sniper’, can you link it?

Keep in mind, posting any “leaked” material is against the forum rules.

Anyways, the only concrete information we can gather is from the Halo 4 teaser trailer and the official Halo 4 concept art trailer released by 343i at Halo Fest, as well as the terminals in Anniversary.

From those, as well as a few interviews with Frank O’Connor, we can tell that Chief has armor and behavioral changes, there’s at least one new weapon (the pistol-like explosive seen in the teaser), and Chief as a “thruster pack”, which is allegedly completely different than the jet pack. Chief’s drifting to a new and unknown structure, against a new and unseen enemy, which rules out the Flood and the Convenant. From the Concept Art trailer, we can only see glimpses of what might be some of the new levels in Halo 4.

Other than that, everything else is complete speculation. Glasslands and the Forerunner trilogy will give us more information, and the Anniversary terminals allude to the Diadect becoming the “new, ancient” enemy.