List of things to Fix for Halo 6

I wanted to get a list of things for 343 to hear from the competitive matchmaking community.

  1. Fix the aiming mechanics.
    343 has released multiple updates designed around fixing reticle lag and other aiming issues in the game. It has never been fully fixed and each game online feels different. Could be server related but could be a mechanical flaw in the aiming mechanics in the game. Either way, get to the bottom of it and fix it for halo 6. Aiming is the most important thing in a FPS game, so give this priority and make it right.

  2. Add more servers or fix current servers.
    There are only a handful of servers and it seems like you end up with one right next to you or one all the way on other side of country and certain people have huge advantages in terms of latency. Make criteria to have the max difference between each players latency to the server within 20 ms or whatever the right criteria is, so that each player in the game is on level playing field. Someone living in California should not be playing someone in Florida on a California server.

  3. Fix the ranking system.
    Too many times, you’ll see a platinum and a diamonds getting matched against golds one game, and then champions the next game. They are blowouts and not fun. The level 1-50 system in halo 2 worked perfectly. Get back to the simple and successful system.

  4. Take Sprint, sparatan charge, ground pound and thrust out of game.
    This one is a little more debatable and not as big of a deal to me. I just enjoy the simplicity of the old halo 2 style where everyone moves at regular pace, and it seems simple my shot vs yours without sprint, thrust ground pound and Spartan charging.

if you have any more ideas, list them here. Let’s make halo great again for halo 6!

So if we go back to the 1-50 system, is everyone going to be capped at 50 again?

Make forge maps actually playable and not laggy framerate doom. Also I think they are running the 1-50 system but am too lazy to look it up.

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> Make forge maps actually playable and not laggy framerate doom. Also I think they are running the 1-50 system but am too lazy to look it up.

Yeah, Halo 5 runs on the same system except we have tiers and emblems instead of numbers. And we’re not capped at 50 anymore.

Reintroduce campaigns that everybody can enjoy/appreciate, reintroduce playable elites, and reintroduce splitscreen. Most importantly, don’t pander to Bungie fanboys or those minority groups who want Halo’s combat to de-volve into the classic playstyle. Keep the features most people like, cut the ones most people don’t. That is how a developer keeps the strongest fanbase possible. No matter what, some people will ditch Halo 6 because something doesn’t suit them. Try to keep as many players as possible by appealing to the majorities. Also, add some new features which the majority of Halo players can appreciate so that Halo 6 is different from the other Halo titles.

Feel free to use the wishlist threads.