List of things I feel need to be fixed

Just a list, I’d like to hear the thoughts of the community and see if they match my own. I’d also like to get my voice out there since I’ve been a Halo fan since the beginning and Halo has the potential to become really fun and balanced with all the new additions.


Assualt Rifle
-Too much damage, even the SAW only has a split second advantage in damage at
close ranges over this monster
(I’d go with a nerf to its accuracy over range and increase its range drop off
on damage)
Storm Rifle/Supressor
-Lack the ability to shred shields in comparison to their counterpart, the AR
(Slight buff to fire rate, the weapon is meant to shred and it simply doesn’t)
DMR - The Wondergun
-Straight upgrade over all of its counterparts
-Fire rate too fast
(The dmr is supposed to be your gun for long range combat, but it kills with
just as many shots as br and light rifle and with a far superior fire rate.
If you nerf the fire rate you’ll see more people using this gun for what it
was intended for)
-Needs to be able to 4 shot
-Bullet spread makes bullets begin to miss at mid range (the crosshairs don’t
spread, the actual bullets do on your first round)
-Lock in range needs a slight buff
(As all of you should have known by a week in this gun can only 5 shot. If you
return it to a four shot, decrease bullet spread, and slightly increase lock
on range dmr will still win long range like it should, but br will be the
mid-close range weapon I was promised that it would be)
Light Rifle
-Needs to be able to 4 shot when unscoped
(On a side note when you’re scoped in it’d be way cooler if an enemy went
through the incineration effect when killed)
-Bullets are too random on exiting the gun
(I can use this thing and sometimes one shot them from afar and other times
drop them to one shot at close range)
Incineration Cannon - Pro Cannon
-Way too much damage on after explosion
(The mini explosions after the large explosion should not deal the same damage.
You can completely miss your target and pick up double kills, they should do
half damage of the initial so that way if you miss the initial blast completely
you can no longer pick up the target you completely missed)
Sticky Detonator
-Needs a nerf on reload speed
(The sticky detonator is a fun gun, but the bombs are up way too often)
Concussion Rifle
-Increase fire rate
-Increase projectile speed
-Decrease explosion radius
(You only want to get direct hits with this, which mainly happen when someone is
rushing you. The potential to make yourself 1 for 1 trade with this is so easy
once they get closer to you. Being able to lob your shots quicker to mow down
someone sprinting at you is what this gun was meant for, but it lacks the
killing speed to do so)
-1 shot range is too long
(This is THE gun to stop kids that double slap you all the time in games, but
it cant one shot from too far away. Also if it doesn’t one shot the gun has
headshots turned on, so if you drop them to one shot you don’t even have to
swap weapons to pick up the kill)

Gameplay Mechanics:

-Hit detection
(I’ve outplayed so many kids into would have been ninja’s, but they melee air
and lunge pulls them into the tip of my foot. It just feels like my hitbox is
massive making playing around a melee incredibly difficult)
Armor Abilities:
-Hardlight Shield
(This should ultimately have about a shield-and-a-half worth of health on it.
When you’re putting double team shots into a guy while his shield is up, it
should be able to be broken)
-Regeneration Field
(Slight increase to the rate of healing would be nice)
(Allows to much map manipulation, but the maps have already been designed around
this ability, so nerfing it’s duration would be a lame answer. Instead a nerf
to the speed in which you jetpack and an increase to it’s duration would
balance it out by making you more vulnerable while going wherever you want)
-Active Camo
(This ability is actually a lot worse than you think it is. I catch more people
using active camo than I do anyone else because the general playstyle with it
is camping, you stand out like a sore thumb on radar when you’re using it. It’s
actually more effective to run around with camo up to slightly mess with radar)
Radar - Godmode
(The ability to pre-nade, pre-fire, and always know the location of anyone around you that’s moving is incredibly overpowered. Now you may think I’m crazy, or that I must only play mlg because radar has been in every single Halo. Yes I play without radar because it’s fair, but this is a list for the community, not just me, and you can make radar more fair. Currently radar gives you automatic updates on your sensor whenever the enemy moves, it now even tells you if they’re above or below you allowing no mind games to be played around radar anymore. I have to go into social now that Team Slayer Pro is out and it’s crazy how much more often I’m one shot when the bottom left corner of your screen is the only part of your screen. If you go into social and stand still when you break line of sight you’ll be amazed at how many players will lose you because they’re crutched on radar so hard. So how do you make this fair? You don’t give real time updates on your radar. You make it send out waves every 2-3 seconds so that way radar can still be used as a tool to know if someone is moving around you, but not to the point where you know where they’re standing, how tall they are, age, ethnicity, and sexual preferance. Radar gives you all of this)
(This punches me straight in the childhood everytime this happens. It’s an
inconsistent system that allows head camping to be 100% viable in Halo now.
If this were to be removed long range fighting wouldn’t be the sloppy mess it
is now)
Dropping out of scope
(With the removal of gun bounce this mechanic should be introduced again, but to
a far less extent. I like that when I get shot with my dmr out I don’t get
dropped out of scope. Currently most people that pick up a sniper can’t be
dropped out of scope, but because of gun bounce they just double body shot far
more than ever before. If you lost an optic zoom for every shot you took it
would allow you to better fight back someone who is harassing you, but wihtout
being able to causually stay on them)

This concludes my list. Please feel free to ask me why I didn’t cover something that you thought I should and I will happily explain why to better the future of this game.


Forgot to include instant respawn, needs to go back to 5 second respawn time so you don’t have to kill someone, turn the corner and fight them again while you’re one shot