List of REQ items? (not just emblems)

So does anyone have a list of the items you can get in the REQ system? Or possibly a list of items you cannot get in the REQ system? I suspect there are some armor pieces and I know some emblems ( I have seen this list) and some weapon skins possibly? I am trying to find out how many more gold packs I need and there are a boat load of helmets and armor pieces and I just want to cross them off the list if I cannot get them.


Its on here in waypoint if you go to your profile, service record, requisitions
Basically you can get everything but ODST, UNSC, Spirit of fire, blue team, noble team, HWC, Osiris, 343, and shark teeth skins for your guns currently

Also if you want to get reqs fast open up bronze packs until you get a req point refund instead of a card in the pack then move to silver and do the same, then open gold packs.

Link to spreadsheet

I suggest you use the one -Halo 5 REQ by updates- as you can copy/past your ‘‘X’’ with every new update instead of using formulas, which work, but takes way more time. I get no credits for that all credit goes to the author who’s name is in the spreadsheet