List of problems that can be fixed in multiplayer

These are a list of problems and solutions gathered by community feel free to point out anything I missed:

  1. 100 REQ points for every kill in arena and warzone plus the bonus you get for completing and sometimes winning games
  2. Variety and specifics of req pack openings such as Armor gold/silver pack, Weapon gold/silver pack
  3. Completing comendations of certain weapons grant you variations of that weapon for warzone or skins for that weapon
  4. Legendary and ultra rare armor/weapons will have a chance of being earned in the form of a weekly challenge or daily challenge in which you complete a mission in campaign or kill a certain amount of enemies in multiplayer or win a certain amount of games.
  5. Sr ranks should determine what type of loot you get or grants you more rare items.
  6. Map voting
  7. casual/SOCIAL playlists(infection, grifball, oddball, BTB), with join session n progress. (no req points earned for kills in this mode only arena and warzone this means less incentive for players to quit hardcore competitive arena gametypes)
  8. 5v5 or 6v6 social slayer mode like halo 3 up to 75-100 kills that has a join session in progress( no req points for kills) max 500 REQ points for completion of game no in game req points
  9. Pre game armor and sr rank identification like previous halos. I understand not showing ranks because people would quit if they see other team’s high ranks
  10. Make swat go to more than 50 kills
  11. Radar expansion
  12. forge(incoming)
  13. more custom game options
  14. File browser/file share (343 favorites)
  15. Weapon tuning and aim tuning
  16. More customization options for armor pieces similar to reach such as left/right arm and leg armor, color customization all around

This is all I gathered feel free to list others I might have missed

map rotation sometimes i end up playing the same map 5 times in a row

pvp is only hosted on us SERVERS - this is freaking insane. NO PVP Match is hosted in europe or THE REST OF THE WORLD - they only host it in the US!
Screenshot from the server locations from my netduma router:
And i always get connected to the one on the westcoast and the servers in the center of america. WTF is wrong with them???

> 2533274825956594;2:
> map rotation sometimes i end up playing the same map 5 times in a row

would you rather have that or map voting?

The ranking system is trash. Just played a game where 2 people left within the first min and we lost and my rank went down. I have games where I have 20 kills on slayer and lost and my rank went down. Other things besides a team win needs to be taken into account.

I wish there wouldn’t be a penalty for quitting if 2 or more teammates have left. It sucks when it’s a 2v4 30 seconds after the match starts

The only thing I would add off the top of my head is adding your weapon skins to Arena pickups since otherwise there is not really a whole lot of opportunity outside Warzone to see skins for say, the DMR. In addition, I would very much like to see more armor customization, as you mentioned. I really agree with a lot of these, the worst I feel about any is indifference, good list D20.