List of Necessary Menu & Lobby Changes

There have been a few inflammatory threads on the menu and lobby system, and seeing how it really does bother me too I decided to make a more objective thread.

1.) There should not be an entire new loading screen every time you back out of a lobby to enter into a new playlist. I don’t really understand, but it is really cumbersome and annoying when you’re having a long play session. I understand if you’re switching between arena and warzone but within those subsets there shouldn’t be a loading screen every single time.
2.) This one is a can of worms, but the party/fireteam needs to be fixed. There are so many issues when I team up with friends and issues being able to hear others, etc. You should be notified when someone joins your fireteam. I’ll be navigating menus and not even know someone I invited has joined for like 5 minutes.
3.) Number counter for selling items from your REQ collection. Not sure how this was missed. Selling individually is dumb.
4.) Fireteams should be able to chat well before a match starts without partying up beforehand.
5.) There needs to be a preview option for REQ armor that you have not yet unlocked to see how it looks and if you want it. And the locked cards should state their rarity so I know when to start looking for them in packs. No, I don’t want to go online and look on my computer.

1.) Show us the players. I agree with omitting ranks and I get the purpose, but there has to be a way for us to check out other spartans, etc. without seeing ranks in the pregame lobby.
2.) Bring back clicking on a player in post-game carnage report and being able to see medals, tool of destruction, etc. That was the best thing ever. I like the new stats we have like damage output, but I think we should have the old school stats too.
3.) Ability to mute in lobby. This omission is a huge step backwards. Not sure what happened here. 343.

By no means an exhaustive list, feel free to add more.