List of issues with Warzone Firefight AI

I know these likely have been experienced by others here, but I wanted to put together a list of issues I have had occur to me in the last month or so while playing Mythic Warzone Firefight. There isn’t much players in matches can do AFTER the glitch occurs, but I have listed potential fixes if you find yourself in one of these rounds from my own experience. I would love for a bug fix to be implemented on the developer side to maybe fix these issues. Does anyone have any other issues or possible solutions for those I listed?

  • On Urban, round 4 with Banshee boss targets. In some cases, the banshees will fly to the base with the core. There is a hole in the invisible barrier for them and they can get behind the geometry, only occasionally dipping a wing or part through the wall. Unless they make their way back to the same place they entered, you won’t be able to destroy them. I suggest trying to blow up the boss Banshees before the basic ones to avoid them dropping down to the level with the hole. Also avoid the base if they do drop down. - On Sanctuary, Final Round with the Armored lance. Players can use Banshees to push the Phantoms carrying the Wraiths through the ground. In at least one instance, this has prevented anyone from being able to damage the Wraith as it sat underneath the ground level. Not much you can do about this if a teammate decides they want to do it. - Most levels (Specifically Temple for my example). A common issue is that players kill enemies spawning too fast and the subsequent groups wont spawn. The Kill 100 Grunts for wave 1 is where I have seen it the most, with players killing them as they teleport in and the remainder of the match just sitting around as you wait for the timer to run out (ending in a mission failure). Let the grunts spawn in before trying to grenade or ground pound (not much you can do to stop teammates). - March on Stormbreak, the Final round with Covenant enemies. Many times I have had the Mythic hunter bosses that drop in at the back of Blue base just stay on top where they are not accessible to the players. Sometimes they can be coaxed out with banshees, but it requires quite a few players hitting the Hunter. I am not sure what the cause of this is or how to avoid it happening.