List of issues, feedback and suggestions

For 343i, here a list of things that still needs a fix on my side with some of my feedback:
I hope this will help you guys :slight_smile: I wish only to help! MCC deserve some love!

MCC in general:

  • Add an option to disable the music in matchmaking lobby or make it automatic when a player enters in the group or when you start a research.
  • Add a possibility to set the brightness for each Halo games manually, personally Halo 2 is too dark on my TV for some maps and it’s too bright for other games like H3
  • Halo 3 Terminals are still broken in other languages than English (especially one in the ark level)
  • Halo 4 Terminals in Halo channels does not have the good French subtitles; they got the one of some previous terminal.


  • I have a constant bug where I have always the classic music when I start a mission even when I put the remastered option; sometime when I die I respawn then to the checkpoint the remastered music come back.
  • Since the last 2 updates of the game I don’t have anymore the scoring windows in campaign for HCE and H2
  • Is there a possibility to add scoring windows like the other Halo to know when the game will end and the actual score? You added the medals it should be possible to touch that.
  • PLEASE one grenade ONLY per player when you spawn in Halo CE and 4vs4 MAX!


  • Since the last 2 updates of the game I don’t have anymore the scoring windows in campaign for HCE and H2
  • In MP I got very often the issue where I cannot spawn anymore for some seconds the countdown freeze at 4 seconds (it is not a lag issue the games were perfectly fine and this happened to some other teammates. I remember this issue from the original H2 as well) this can result in a game lost in objective which is frustrating. Can it be fixed?
  • Remove the plasma rifle start in Team Slayer midship, it’s awful :frowning:


  • I also played a bit of split screen with a friend (2 players only did not try with 4 players yet) and there are a lot of framerate issues in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer, especially on the map Bloodline and I think it will be really better to lower the resolution to 720p (even less) or block the game to 30FPS in split screen only because it was really unplayable sometime :confused: and in split screen players do not care much of the graphics and this is important because when the forge maps will come out it will be far more demanding in resources so I am scared that it will be like in Halo 4 and this was a terrible experience for split screen users.


  • A Terminal bugged in the Covenant level: When a player access to this terminal the game crashes (this happened to me 2x times in legendary L ) and a French friend also got the bug.
  • No other particular issues yet



  • Spartan Ops DLC is still planned for December?
  • Any news on the update for impulse triggers on H2A and HCE?
  • Is it possible to pre download the beta of Halo 5?
  • When the promised dedicated servers will be on?
  • Some forge maps will come to MM sooner or later?

About the Matchmaking:
The good news is now that MM is at least now working quick and good at least for me(BTB take around 3 to 5 minutes to find a game but its working). I can’t wait to have back the dedicated servers because on Halo CE in P2P is quite unplayable sometimes.

Some Matchmaking suggestions:

Team Dual: First it’s the Anniversary of Halo 2 so people wants dual wield too, it’s something that they missed as this feature is gone with Halo 4 and Reach and nothing is better for that having a gametype for it so put some Team Duals in MM for the already existing playlists (so not a new playlist) like Team slayer and Halo 2 classic put few but put some in them!

Team objective: I Know it’s planned to add this playlist but this should be present too and be sure it’s 5vs5; objectives gametype simply work better with a team of 5 persons than 4 especially in maps like Zanzibar.
Infection: Is VERY important today! Many players are only core gamers and not hardcore and they need to have a playlist where they can have fun and relax, Infection is one of these playlist for that, you can shoot and kill but it’s relaxing and simple without stress. I recommend being a permanent playlist!

Halo CE: I heard that 343i will put an Halo CE playlist but it will be apparently only 2vs2… to respect the classic feeling of the game, let me say that this is wrong in my opinion, I played mostly on Halo CE in 2vs2 because of the limit of the split screen so now that we have the Xbox Live for CE please do not limit it to 2vs2, a 4vs4 (not more) will be the best with some objectives gametype (flag, king of the hill and slayer) we are in 2014 not 2001 anymore :wink: Pistol + AR start and One grenade only.

Multi Team: it’s a classic Halo gametype today we can’t miss it! It’s also perfect for teams of 2 players (avoid the variant at 3 players for now because it’s better have a playlist for teams of 2 players and could match perfectly with some gametype like a gungoose Rocket race for example) for H1,H2,H3,H4
Rumble pit (Lone wolves): It’s an important playlist that should be permanent too, I recommend 6 players, 8 players at max even if it’s always a little too much in my opinion because this caused a lot of bad respawns (especially for older Halo games).

Rotational playlist: to start you should go with the most famous of them (not in order):
Team Snipers, Grifball, Ricochet, Territories, Team Doubles, Rocket race, BTB heavies, Infinity Slayer (Halo 4 slayer with loadouts) Team Swords, Action Sack etc.

Thank you for the hard work 343i and the other studios, keep going!

I also posted that on NeoGaf in case

Update 1:

Cross game issues:
I notice that the issues with the scoring window are only in some missions for each games also I don’t know why but reaching a point in the mission, killing enemies did not give me any more points :confused: here a pic:

Issue in the mission “Two Betrayals” The snow is missing in the remastered version:

The sentinel beam is missing in the remastered version:

I also think there’s a problem picking up the very first skull in Halo 3 and the achievement not even registering. I may be wrong. shrugs

Well done 343 you pulled it off with flying colours you have created a masterpiece and I love your work and as for the hate you get for the issues ignore the hate they don’t realise how hard it is so keep up the good work you lot :slight_smile:

> 2533274873532790;2:
> I also think there’s a problem picking up the very first skull in Halo 3 and the achievement not even registering. I may be wrong. shrugs

Did not have any issues with it. Achievement unloked right away too.

It disgust me whenever i play Halo 2 classic the network server crash a lot… NAT is OPEN and still give me lagg and kicked teammates out the game. Im seriously done with this ridiculous issues. every matchmaking game the team split up are very often not equal and even.

Please report your issues here in order to unite them and help 343i to investigate and fix them, try to be clear and if possible add a video.

Thank you Spartans!

ive had an really annoying issue! it seems as when i play halo 2 anniversary, during the campaign i cant see any elites have dual wielded weapons! in cairo stations in the beginning there should be two elites carrying dual wield plasma pistols, in metropolis when ur on the scarab there should be either 1 or 2 red elites carrying dual wield plasma rifles? and in the oracle in the beginning one of the elites ur with should have dual wield plasma rifle, and also the heretic leader and its holograms! but why dont they have it?? am i the only one experiencing this problem ??? please reply to me if you have a solution