List of feedback and bugs in Halo 5


  • Medals in the post-game report
  • Medals in Service Record
  • File Share
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly REQ/REQ points challenges


  • KDA influence for CSR qualifying matches to make sure everyone is placed in the right division
  • FFA CSR should count 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as a win, not just 1st place
  • CSR progression bar

Matchmaking interface:

  • Visible gamertags
  • Visible Spartans and Spartan Stances
  • Option to select players to view heir service record, gamercard and mute button
  • Option to view someone’s REQ collection


  • The Slayer playlist needs more maps (Empire and Truth are missing)
  • The same maps are showing up too many times after each other when staying in a playlist
  • A Team Objective playlist is needed
  • Playlists need to be split in Ranked and Unranked categories like Halo 3
  • Social Playlists should include Social Slayer, Big Team Battle, Infection and Action Sack


  • Fathom needs the shotgun back as a second power weapon
  • Future DLC maps need to have more creative and unique aesthetics like Empire, Truth and Coliseum. Those maps stand out compared to the others.
  • Stop making Remixes and instead make actual new and unique maps
  • SWAT needs 5 second respawn timers
  • SWATnums should be less common in SWAT
  • FFA playercount should be reduced to 6 players


  • Theater Zooming doesn’t work
  • Theater mode is not showing accurate hit registration
  • Theater mode for Warzone is showing the wrong gamertags
  • Leaving a lobby post-game does not return the player back to the playlist selection but instead goes to the main menu
  • The banning system is banning players for actions in Custom Games