list of everything that needs to happen

i made this list from what ive seen on here and my opinions on what 343 needs to do

  • regional servers because even us her in the US(me anyways) gets mad at lagging like crazy the whole game and having it continue for a few games after - req system is fine IF we get updates that ACTUALLY bring stuff to the game. not just feed the tournaments( its only a portion of the sales feeding them but it doesnt seem like they are doing anything to make these updates good with this money) - next time 343…please dont tie in the physics with the engine so you wont be able to fix it( well im at it have a huge community poll asking if we would rater have 60, 45 or 30 fps over content. i say this because the time 343 spent with the 60fps engine is the time they couldve used on the stuff we are getting now so we would actually get better content then we actually are) - dont do a complete 180 on the campaign with HTT we all thought it was going to be really big… but nope! the campaign(besides a few lines from the warden) were not memorable and the ending was a giant cliffhanger which ive come to accept. - why make the ranking system based on wins and losses? why not KDA - a PvE warzone THATS NOT ONLINE so when YOUR SERVERS -Yoink- up( happens quite a bit) i can do something besides the campaign. - make vehicles as strong as they were in halo reach not as weak as a plastic toy lol even the upgraded armor variants are still kinda weak(besides oni) - INFECTION with the spartan abilities turned off. im sure NO ONE WANTS FLOOD - fan favorite maps that dont have bad spawns in them(idk if they have bad spawns i hope not) - that friendly Promethean soldier on the kraken mission? can you tell us whats thats about. maybe the prometheans side with humanity at some point in halo 6 and that was just a teaser?(very big possibility that wont happen) - BRUTES( hopefully their civil war is over so bring them back please) - oh and have the arbiter and chief actually interact. i was so disappointed when i found out they didnt talk to eachother AT ALLjust my two cents on 343s decisions and halo 5 and what should be in halo 6

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I agree op

The only thing I don’t agree with is changing the rank system. It works fine to me and W/L should be the determining factor to rank up. Who cares if you go 20 and 5 if you didn’t help your team?