List of current issues Infinite has and fixes that could work

Before I begin, I know that 343 sees us and such. and that this isn’t me bashing them. these are issues I found, and fixes I think should be done, with some tangents and explanations. I tried my best to look at all options when thinking of this. Note some parts have links to some other google docs I’ve made for more explanations on things


This list is all the issues that Infinite currently has (or what I’ve caught on) and what I would do to remedy it. Because this is just one person’s idea and that I have almost no game programming and business experience, the fixes can most likely be poor changes. I will be hopefully linking other documents

Before I put it out there as well, when I played the first flight, the gameplay was amazing and still is. It’s a perfect blend of all the right stuff in older games. (up @ college, left Xbox @ home and pc too potato to run the beta). This is not me saying this is total trash. If anything, my idea of how to show you’re boycotting the store is the most extreme thing ingame. I love this franchise, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have taken 2 days to write up a 5-page issue list with possible fixes, as well as 4 extra pages discussing one of the fixes on how it would work, and how they might save a feature we dislike. I want this game to be a masterpiece and a game where 20 years from now I can come back and enjoy it as if I’m playing it now. I want it to do something outside the normal F2P structure and not fall back into how halo 5 handled cosmetics.

I highly recommend reading Arasaka88’s post they made a day ago. A Lot of what I’m going to say he has said there as well.


  • Issue - almost everything is behind a form of paywall, store or battle pass

    • Fix 1 - refer to [Armis Crate Document]

      • To give a TLDR of what an Armis Crate is, it’s a crate that lets you pick out of 20 items that are featured from the store, and creates a discounted bundle for you to buy at your own convenience. They are acquired by finishing a challenge set given every weekend (which also gives XP to bp), and in order to equip the items after purchase, they too have challenges connected to them (which again, give XP to bp).

        • This is more of an alternate way to buy items. You could technically say this is a really bad idea cause from first reading the name, it’s a loot box. It’s not, I can reassure you that. The biggest RNG factor is what items are offered that week (which isn’t client-side) and what challenges are given for the crate and items
    • Fix 2 - pull out armor pieces that are iconic such as all of Halo Reach armor parts free through an account-wide progression system.

      • Tangent - Taking away the ambiguous rarity system would also help this greatly. As calling a piece of armor legendary because its 20 dollars will not compare to something like the Hayabusa armor or Venator armor, which required players to achieve certain challenges in order to acquire. Or the haunted helmet, which required players to reach max level and buy every armor piece in Halo Reach. Seeing players with the armor they put time into getting makes you go “damn mad respect for the grind” compared to buying said armor for 15 bucks.
    • Fix 3 - take a page from MCC and give us ingame points we earn from playing for us to use on the store instead of actual money. With only a BP, boosts and swaps for purchase.

      • Fix 3.2 - or take out customization out of the store entirely and only have boosts, swaps, and BP for purchase.
    • Text 1 - I understand that because the game is F2P you would need a way to pay for it in some way. However, you have to remember that this is Halo, a franchise that’s been around since the start of Xbox. it’ll survive if you did the bare minimum of monetization because of the fact of how well the multiplayer is.

    • Text 2 - the biggest issue as well with the store is that everything is bundled. By doing so item values are never accurate and are inflated. (see [Armis Crate]document for a somewhat more in depth discussion)

  • Issue - armor pieces and armor coatings are not shared with armor cores

    • Fix 1 - Take a page out of Diablo 3’s ability system and allow an override in the settings

      • To explain, in the game each button had designated abilities that by default, are restricted to the abilities tied to them. However, within the game settings, you have the ability to override this restraint with no repercussions in gameplay or achievement hunting.

        • However, the issue that 343 could run into is clipping or clashing art styles or poor part sizing. But tbh, the pro would outway the con for now we would be able to have a Samurai helmet on a mark 5 core or mark 7 coating on a Samurai core.
  • Issue - armor kits are unable to be taken apart or cannot be customized

    • Fix 1 - slightly mark up the kit in the store as a bundle of the exclusive parts of said kit (An example would be HCS kits), and give the parts with it. As kits should be quick armor changes between games

    • Fix 2 - strip the kit rewards entirely and make it a customization setting. Kind of like loadouts. That way we players could make our own kits that we could change between games (and possibly share with the community for download.

      • Even if you don’t have all the parts, the kit would auto-equip everything. Do not overlay armor on your current build. That way you could change and resave kits

      • Tangent - when I saw that they were going to give armor kits and saw how they worked, I had a small feeling it would have been similar to what Sea of Thieves does for costumes, which is overlaying a preset look onto your pirate with a snazzy look. The difference between these two “overlay systems” is that Infinite gives you the parts for kits, even going as far as having them in their designated spots, whereas SoT completely changes your look. True it would be sick to have gloves in SoT that give you the Rogue Tinkerer Captains’ prosthetic arm, or a curse for [Soulflame Captain’s…well everything, but it would pull the uniqueness out of the costumes. (I could make a full document on what could and couldn’t be done to make cosmetic items for that game, but let’s keep it Halo lol)

  • Issue - the existence of coatings

    • Fix 1 - give us the ability to have our own coating to play with

      • Fix 1.2 - have the coatings that are out now as “prefabs” for us to experiment with. Ex the color pattern in G2 are the only parts that you can customize. This is thought of for by the sheer size of differences with everything, the system could overload…even tho technically you could have the coatings saved locally, and have a server to where you can share your coatings with friends like how you share game modes

        • Even though this would kill sales (as painful as it is to write), it would also delete the issue of having coatings that are borderline the same (like the watchdogs coating and a HCS coating for the br)


  • Issue - no way of customizing what game type to play

    • Fix 1 - I’m honestly not gonna put my fix on this, as everyone in the gaming community itself would agree to separate the game modes from one playlist, as well as giving us playlist building would do the game well. As well as putting previous title game modes like goofball and infection in.

      • I’ve realized that 343 kind of attempts new things and “forget” to add game modes that everyone loves.

Progression system

  • Issue - incredibly slow

    • Fix 1 - create your own progression system that doesn’t involve challenges

      • A lot of the community has already voiced this, as well as given ideas of values, so I’m just gonna leave it here with this fix
    • Fix 2 - rip a system from another game from the series. Like Halo 5 or Reach or 4.

      • Forcing players to just do challenges artificially inflates game time and progression time. For some who like having a form of overarching progression when playing, this would most likely deter them from playing. Why play when I don’t get anything from it? (aside the normal gameplay loop)
  • Issue - subpar rewards per level

    • Fix 1 - Do what MCC seasons do and “bundle” items together. It feels off, frustrating, and makes no sense that you get one shoulder @ level 6 but the other shoulder as level 23

      • Tangent 1 - I honestly have a hard time giving fixes here. As 343 have done decent progression in the past but fell off on values. Like we all know that Halo 4’s progression was pretty easy. Math was done and you could get max level in a week. Or halo 5’s giant XP grind for something small. But each gives you challenges in the game that reward you with either XP or armor…as well as the rest of the franchise…yeah I’ll be going in circles if I keep going.

Feedback additions

Some other issues that a friend of mine brought up as well when sharing this

  • radar size increase from 18m to 25m

  • controller input-based matchmaking and controller aim assist on PC

  • Let us drive random vehicles like forklifts (be a fun addition. Not really a needed one)

  • Pvp challenges that can reward free credits

    • This could technically be implemented to the campaign similar to how Fortnite Save the World mode works, where the paid mode has a few easy challenges that give premium currency.

      • HOWEVER unlike Fortnite stw, credit reward should not reward 50 cR or 50 cents a day. I’ll state what I said prior, this is halo. Veterans know that Halo CE literally modernized fps games. To this day we, as well as most fps games, still use the controller layout. Furthermore, Halo’s been known for its story (ignoring 5). If anything, a BP could be enough to fuel a F2P structure, IMO (again I’m not business savvy so that last statement could age like milk). I know this isn’t just solely 343 (even though I’ve directed most of the tangents to them), higher-ups have more say in this than we wish.


Again I want to say I’m preaching to the choir. The community has been criticizing all this, and I’m just one man that’s a consumer of halo with no weight behind my name. But I wanted to jot down everything I found wrong and say what I would do to fix it. I know things take a while to fix. All this trash isn’t gonna be fixed in 2 days. And I know that the team needs well-deserved rest from the year-long delay from last year (and we won’t talk about the forge and co-op delays here because that’s another can of worms)