List of Adjustments for Dominion

Title says it all. If anyone plays dominion I’m curious to see what you guys would like to see the game do differently.

I personally take issue with the following:

The fact that mostly only human weapons come as ordinance depending on map.

Absolutely 0 covie ordinance except maybe a needler spawn at the beginning and plasma nades.

Somehow, the rocket launcher appears freakin’ everywhere, but 343 decided to leave out the sticky detonator and rail gun except as initial spawns.

The chances of the weapons coming in is so messed up. For example my team got frags, a BR, and I think a laser. Other team gets two rockets and a shotgun, how is this fair?

longbow and exile are WAY OVERPLAYED.

I think that a good way of fixing this would be:

add more weapons as resupplies like the sticky det, rail gun, and concussion rifle.

change the ordinance weighting to make the upper tier weapons or at least the rocket much less common.

Make it so that you get better ordinance based on how long you hold the base to encourage defense or make it so that the teams must get at least one or two of the same resupplies so it isn’t hugely random and luck based on who gets the better weapons.

Reduce pre-game voting options to 2 and make it so you can’t play the same map multiple times in a row.


Its what ever the people want to play. sure you can call it big team exile but other maps will be weighted. I played meltdown for the 3rd time ever today. weapons wise Im not so worried. I like the idea of all the power weapon spawns because there are so many vehicles it creates a accelerating battle.

I’ll just post what I posted in the Dominion Feedback topic:

> Make the weighting on Exile less. It feels that 90% of my Dominion games are just on this one map. While I do enjoy playing Exile, I do also want variety. I hate having to leave majority of the games I’m put in just to be able to play on a different map.
> Also, the Ordnance in each base: There’s three drops for each base. However, each of those drops has the same amount of weapons. This means there’s a chance for one base to get two Rocket Launchers and a DMR while the other base gets two DMRs and a Suppressor. Give just one of the drops in each base one power weapon. Do not have all three drops have the power weapons.
> I’m surprised that not one map has Covenant Ordnance appear.

I strongly agree with everything you said

Needs more maps.

Needs more weapon variety: Railgun, Sticky Det, Concussion etc

There’s a few things I would like to see done to Dominion. I would like to see less ordinance on the map. The other game I was in a group of 4, we all had Binary Rifles, two of us had Incineration Cannons, There was 1 Sniper, and a Scattershot…seems like a little much I thought.

More Warthog friendly maps would be pretty cool too. It would be difficult to have a more open map because of the DMR being able to hit you across the map, but I find whenever I get in a Warthog I almost instantly get killed because there’s so little room to avoid people with all of these power weapons.

Way too many power weapons. Its like 3 of them spawn at each base with each resupply. Power weapons shouldn’t be spoon fed like that.

  • Covie Ordnance needs to be added to resupply drops

  • Add Railgun/Sticky Detonator to UNSC resupply drops

  • Points awarded for initiating Last Stand. Ive played a number of games where my team has got them to last stand a number of times, yet they still win somehow.

  • Reduce weighting of Rockets in resupply drops. Personally I dont think it should drop them until your team has passed 200pts.

  • Reduce weighting of Incineration Cannons on Meltdown/Vortex. Again, same thing as with the Rockets.

  • With Longbow, there are 4 Ghosts, 2 Wraiths and a Banshee that can be in play within the first 2 minutes of the game. But there is only 1 Laser in front of Bravo base. Ive noticed that the team that controls the majority of the vehicles are the ones who get multiple Lasers dropped to them while the team that is trying to kill the vehicles never gets a laser until 1-2 resupplys after the vehicle is active. Fix this.

> Way too many power weapons. Its like 3 of them spawn at each base with each resupply. Power weapons shouldn’t be spoon fed like that.

Please do something about it 343, you can make Dominion even better. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it needs that many changes. Don’t get the DMR or BR for base resupply. As with any other playlist, less Exile is better, but it actually plays really well for it.