LIONS Clan Recruitment- Members wanted

Hey there everybody,
As you might tell, I am first lion and current president of the LIONS clan. I am writing this post regarding the recruitment of of our clan and what aspects you might have that would make you a valuable member.
An ideal rank for recruitment is between SR30 and SR70. Any rank is permitted, but I prefer to give the newer players a chance at this. If you are good at thinking about the combat from a tactical perspective, you could command a group in clan battles with ease, thus making you a good mentor or commander.
If you are good in battles or representing our clan, you will attain higher ranks within the clan. If you perform otherwise, I will not kick you, but you will not progress through the clan and you will not be selected for clan battles.

So far there are 9 members i the clan. If you are interested, send me or the co-leaders an XBL message saying you wish to join. Our gamertags are: first lion, Sp4rklegirl , xWingofSteelx.

So far we have a temporary clan base. I am working on the full version at the moment.
If you represent another clan, looking for an enemy clan, message me your terms and we might possibly organise a clan battle.

Please consider joining! We need members pleaseā€¦

first lion

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