Linking 2 controllers via copilot to perform as 1

I have an Eliete Series 2 controller I want to pair via copilot with a standard Xbox One controller to make 1 controller for me. I have limited use of my left hand and decided it’d be more responsive and agile for me to connect my elite series 2 controller w/a regular controller via copilot, so that-

I could place the regular controller on the ground and use my big toe to strafe and be more agile than when I used to hold the controller and tilt it with my right wrist to move the left stick but I’m unsure if there’s a way to set it from hold to sprint, to click to sprint in Infinite. Is there any way for click to sprint?

Halo controller layout

RB-use equipment



Right stick click-melee


Y-change weapon



RT-fire weapon

D pad right-change grenade type

Other D pad directions to drop equipment and swap equipment

Now I just need to set controls up in game & map w/accessories app on console. Have to be able to use 2 controllers at once so I can use toe not only ti strafe but move in non linear patterns forward.

I can’t seem to get the two controllers to connect via copilot to merge both controller’s actions into one master-blaster( Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) type controller movement, so both work where I can use one to move and the other Eliete button layout to shoot/press buttons. The button scheme is messed. Maybe I’ll try to map them both the same except Eliete will have paddles to map & see if that works. I’ve tried to map it in the accessories app & do it but when I go back into Halo custom multiplayer game it doesn’t work as mapped… any idea what’s going on? I called 1-800-4myxbox but for some dumbfounded reason, Xbox has gotten rid of the ability to actually speak on the phone with support🙄


I’m about to dive into try out co-pilot with two normal xbox controllers as I don’t have an option to program tag as a secondary button press on my right trigger ( which you can and is recommend if ya have elite controller) can be great for speech impaired individuals. I’ll see what issues I come across and add here with process taken. Thanks for ur informative post

I believe your issue is what I came across last night.
I wanted to keep a controller ( 2nd one with co pilot on ) underneath my hands so I could utilize the second controllers bumper buttons for actions I have setup in awkward spots for a normal controller.

I play bumper jumper and thought to myself… " no elite controller and I would like to have a way to TAG oppents without removing my thumbs away from sticks and without touching D-pad or ABXY "

So the main controller was setup for bumper jumper
With The tag feature on UP-D and equipment on X.
I go into Xbox Accessories App and tell the second controller to switch key functions sooo Equipment would be Left Bumper and Tagging would be on Right Bumper.

But as complained about above from Arthur. I Can’t have a 2 Fer one master blaster controller.
No matter what both controller key functions work like bumper jumper even though I programmed the extra controller to work slightly differently.
Basically if push Up on d pad I expect a Tag but that being there is an inconvenience and why not use a second controller to do the tagging for me and oooooh I could program the second controller to have a tag complete on RB even though the HALO in game menu says that Up -D does the tagging.