Linked up with challenge?

The daily challenge for today is “Linked Up with” where you have to link your account to… I’ve done some looking on the internet but can’t find anything current. Seems like the situation has changed over time as Halo was passed from Bungie.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if there is any way I can complete this challenge or if it will be changed sometime today?


Edit: I know it’s only 1 credit but I’m trying to go for the Weekly Challenge (where you have to do every daily challenge for a certain day), and this is the only one I have left :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Buddy for breaking the bad news but you will have to go for the weekly on another day. Thursdays are good as its all FireFight challenges and usually easy to do.

Just to explain why this happens 343 basically inherited the Server from Bungie that manages challenges and the whole process is automated. There is a pre defined list of challenges that are randomly selected each day and week. As 343 are not doing any maintenance of that server nothing has changed since Reach’s release. You will get these challenges that some can no longer get as you cant link your account with anymore and havent been able to do so for at least 18 months.

Ahh alright. Well that’s disappointing but at least I got an answer… Cheers for the reply, and I’ll give Thursday a go! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I have no idea what I need to do for this challenge

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> I have no idea what I need to do for this challenge

No way to do this any more I’m afraid. The challenge was put in place when Bungie were in control of Halo, you would link up your Xbox / Halo account with the Bungie website. Bungie no longer work with Halo and their site is dedicated to Destiny now. Best not to bump old threads like this as well, as it’s against the forum rules. If there is a recent topic, feel free to start your own :slight_smile:

So i was able to link my account to but im gettin the vibe that i wont be able to complete the challenge due to 343 taking over the servers are we able to get the helmets that are available thru halowaypoint

And yet still not fixed, how hard is it for 343 to have a meeting with bungie over a weekend to solve this issue…

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks, especially ones that are over 3 years old.
Very unlikely that this will be fixed given my comments above