Line up Ladies it's Recruitment time

Fragtastic is looking for some new members that can help take unto the next level. If that’s you then by by all means send me a message for an invite and let’s get this ball rolling. We all like to have fun but everyone’s compedative at some point or another. We are on eastern time. So if you guys are on eastern that’s a plus if not than days we have off well most likely be on the same time as you.
Led by your fellow Spartan XxR3N3G4D3xX92
i am your firet team leader and admin. All message go through me. Feel free to message both on here and xbox live. I always have my phone on me so a response will be quick. We have seven members now with two more on the way. My favorite playlist by far is team swat. I’m rank in onyx. If I could get more members that love swat that’d be killer