Lincoln Company is Recruiting Active Members!

Welcome to Lincoln Company!

Lincoln Company is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska and is made up of people that love playing Halo! We’re looking for active members that are aiming to earn the new Achilles armor set as well as play with other fellow Spartans in their spare time. If you love playing Halo 5 and are looking to join a fun, active company, post your gamertag or send a message to iDurr and we will be sure to add you to the company ASAP.


  1. Be Friendly. Competition is totally ok, insulting another clan-mate is not.
  2. Be Active. Please make sure that you are an active player in Halo 5 and Xbox Live.
  3. Be Helpful. If another clan-mate is looking for help in Halo, either in multiplayer or campaign, be willing to lend a hand.

Leader: iDurr
1st Lieutenant: TheSpiralSage
2nd Lieutenant: Gyaruson

Hey iDurr please invite me