Limitless abilities

So I was having thoughts about all of the crazy game modes I was going to design when forage came around. I started to think about how ambitious some of the maps were that I wanted to design like multi-week-long maps. So I started thinking about more simple game modes and I think I came up with a few involving the grapple hook that would be a blast.

So so the idea for the arena is simple two teams of however many players will start on opposite sides of a large arena this arena once you step off of the initial landing pad will have no floor and Spartans can fall to their death save for a few spots.

There will be plenty of posts, walls and beams to grapple through the air and attempt to slice your opponent or stay in a floating king of the hill ring.

Game modes can include but are not limited to

Slayer, Infection, KOTH, Land Grab, griffball (if use ability is activated while holding the ball) and even duck hunt on more race like maps.

Also! Races using landgrab as a final point!

Another fun game I have in mind is Monkey Smash.

Large vertical open map with gravlifts platforms, Grapple hooks, Repulsers, and strategically placed Fusion Coals to rain pain on your fellow players

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Equipment is going to be crazy in Forge.

Imagine a game where you run around on lots of narrow pathways suspended in the air… and everyone has repulsors!

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Or using threat sensors to play hide n seek infected where the defenders have camo!