Limited to 8 BOTs in Custom Games?

As the title says I’m not sure if this is a bug or what but everytime I try to play with 7 bots on my time and 8 on the enemy (or any combination with more than 8 bots) it defaults to only 8 bots in the game. Personally I want to be able to play against a full lobby (12v12) against bots, my PC can handle it lol if it’s a bug hopefully this gets fixed soon, or they increase the cap you can play against in custom games.

In the future if they work with forge maps I definitely would like to just create maps and play against the bots on in the future, it adds a lot of replay value.


I agree I would love to see an option for 12 v 12 at least on next Gen and pc

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I hate loading a custom BTB game with 15 bots only to result in a one-horse-race with absolutely no enemy team of bots to fight.

And I love the sandbox nature of BTB with so many toys to play with (and I hate the human players I keep getting paired with).